Cedar Creek Falls

The Upper Falls

Everyone knows about Tamborine Mountain and the beautiful walks and waterfalls, but a mere five minute descent heading north takes you to a hidden gem known as Cedar Creek falls.

A short stroll of just a few minutes from the carpark brings you to the first viewing platform . This is the upper section of the falls and after heavy rains is quite powerful and beautiful. If you continue to wind down the concrete path you will come to the second falls which you can get up close and personal with. There is also an excellent swimming hole here and if your balls are bigger than your brains there is some diving off the sketchy rock platform which you can reach after a 10-15 metre scramble. I do not recommend this so do so at your own risk!

Meet the locals

Why is Cedar Creek so special? You have descended just far enough and entered a partial rain shadow area of Tamborine Mountain and this has a dramatic effect on the scenery. No longer lush rainforest like up on the mountain but more of a dryer bush setting with rocky outcrops and bare cliffs. A nice contrast to the green of the rainforest above and a nice piece of Australiana.

Close to the carpark there are BBQ’s so you can cook up lunch and take it down to the main swimming area – (8-10 min walk) and cool off with a swim (after of course waiting ten minutes after you have eaten so you don’t drown). At the main swimming hole (The 2nd falls) if it hasn’t rained too much you can actually slide down on a natural ramp into the pool. If you split your head open like a coconut you didn’t hear it from me. If you survived and you had fun tell your friends.

If you do visit and enjoy please take your rubbish with you and if you can grab any other rubbish left behind by less aware souls to keep this little patch of bush heaven pristine for everyone that would be wonderful!

Thanks for reading 🙂

This is where you can slide!

This is where you can slide!


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