Flat Rock

Magic Coastline!

Northern NSW is not just all about Byron Bay. Head south from Byron for about twenty minutes and follow the signs to Ballina till you come to the Flat Rock caravan park. This is a great place to stay right on the beach and it backs onto beautiful bushland. Wake up to sweet birdsong and the hushed roar of the ocean. Before you pick a spot ask the staff which sites are available and have a look at the site map and then cruise around the park. Sometimes you get groups of revelers staying together and if you are looking for a quiet getaway you can find a quiet corner away from the partyers. Or if you want to meet some new people perch up right next to them and have a ball.

Ballina is not too far away for everything you need – there is a Big W and supermarkets all within about an 8 minute drive from Flat Rock. You can hit Ballina for all your supplies then 8 minutes later be back in sleepy Flat Rock away from all the hustle and bustle!

There are some great waves for surfing in this area too. North wall at Ballina just down the road is a Wedgy break off the rock wall and there are plenty of beachies along Flat Rock and Skinners. Back to the north is world famous Lennox Head – not for the faint hearted though as it involves timing a jump off some granite boulders to get out amongst the waves.

A beautiful walk or picnic spot just a few minutes drive north of Flat rock is Boulder beach. The walk along the emerald green headland is amazing – lush grasses, trees and sea moss pressed hard against the ocean lined with black granite boulders and sheer cliffs makes for a lovely setting to just kick back and soak up some sunshine.

Thanks for reading 🙂

Byron in the distance to the north

Great place to relax with a book and a wine!


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