Escape to Fingal Head

From the Gold Coast head south along the coast and just creep over the border into NSW and look for the signs for Fingal. The township of Fingal is a dead end. And I don’t mean a dead end as in no career paths, gotta stay on the family farm, your dad is the small town cop so you have to stay and takeover his job. I mean the town is literally a dead end – there is no through road, it ends at the ocean and the only way to go somewhere else is to turn around and go back .So no one in Fingal is ‘passing through’, they are all there for a reason and that is to soak in the natural beautiful and positive energy of the place. It provides an interesting element.


Meet the locals!

Fingal has a beautiful river on one side and the ocean on the other, what a great combination. There are lovely short walks amongst the forest along the coast and also a walk up to the light house which was built in 1872. You get great views of Cook island in the distance and Coolangatta to the north. The headland is strewn with black granite boulders and just below the light house are some very interesting hexagonal basalt rock formations. It is a stunning place. You can either sit on the grassy headland by the lighthouse and watch the waves crash against the hexagonal formations or head a little further north and lie on the beach and enjoy the view of cook island. Fingal is so close to the Gold Coast and is often overlooked but it is a great place to spend a morning wandering through the forest tracks, lying on the beach and cruising the little natural rock pools at low tide. We were lucky enough to spot an octopus in the shallows pools.

Please drive slowly in Fingal and tread lightly to keep the locals happy 🙂


Cook Island

Cook Island in the distance


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