Binna Burra

Binna Burra is Aborginal for “where the beech trees grow,” After a recent trek through this amazing rain forest a loose translation of “where the leeches go” is probably more accurate. I looked like a shooting victim after the hike and felt like a huge hunk of fresh meat for these tiny vampires.

However, I still loved the hike. It was raining (in a rainforest go figure) and we were soaked and leech infested but the lush million shades of green of this unique forest made it all worth it.

50 Shades of Green

50 Shades of Green

But the real bonus was the giant blue and white crayfish that had crawled out of the rock pools below us and up unto the tracks to exercise and to breed. It was an amazing sight to be walking along a forest track and suddenly have a big blue crayfish rear up at you on the path ahead.

Awesome creatures!

Awesome creatures!

They are amazing – especially with a bit of butter and salt – just kidding we carefully moved these weird creatures off to the side of the path so we could move past them safely and leave them to breed in peace!

There are plenty of waterfalls and waterways in Binna Burra, but really the trees and vines including the big beech trees steal the show – and of course the blue crayfish!

Binna Burra is only 1 hour west of Surfers Paradise and part of the Lamington National Park. We stayed at the Binna Burra Mountain Lodge Campsite.

They supplied the Tent! This is seriously the easiest camping ever. It is a safari tent that is permanently erected. You can have a campfire and enjoy the views and all the great walks are at your doorstep. The hike where we spotted the crayfish is called the Coomera Circuit and the recommend time allowed is 7hrs but you can do it in 5-6 hours. You get great views of the Coomera Gorge and waterfalls along the way. Best time to see the cray is Jan/Feb. And wear long light clothing to keep the leeches at bay!




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