Queen Mary Falls

Up Close and Personal!

The next time you find yourself complaining about the rain, jump in the car and head 2/12 hours west of the Gold Coast to Queen Mary Falls. The drive has got some great scenery and is very relaxing. Once there grab a cabin or book a tent site at the Queen Mary Falls Caravan Park. It is right across the road from the falls and you can kick back in front of the campfire and soak in the serenity. If it has been raining hard the falls will be on! They are big and powerful and the walks down and around the main falls are lovely and not at all strenuous. We went post some heavy flooding of Brisbane and surrounding area and the falls were mammoth. You can actually perch yourself right up next to the lip of the falls and the sound is amazing as is the view.

Browns Falls and Daggs falls are also close by and worth a visit.

Queen Mary falls is the perfect overnight destination on the weekend. The caravan park also has plenty of parrots to feed and they are very tame!

My Hot Bird!

On the way back home, stop at the Spring Creek Mountain cafe for a coffee or hot chocolate. It is perched on the side of a mountain with sweeping views of the valley.

Have fun!



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