Cabarita Beach


Cabarita is a little slice of paradise on the northern coast of New South Wales with a wave guaranteed in almost any conditions and a variety of spots where you can spread out a towel and relax, picnic and swim. Its a great alternative if you are over the urban hippy scene in Byron and its just 45 minutes from the heart of Surfers Paradise and its a great drive down the old Tweed Hway. If you are a surfer Cabarita is a swell magnet and you have a choice of options around the point and the open beaches to the north and there is always back beach Caba on the south side if the point is chopped up.

Looking South

Looking South

If you just want to relax, park your car high up in the main carpark where you will start a short stroll with sweeping views of the beaches to the north. Wander down to the wooden path through the little pandanus forest and up onto the main headland and relax on the grassy knoll. Just a few blocks back from the beach down Tamarind Ave is Cudgen lake if you really want a change of pace.

NB. Cabarita beach is actually in a town called Bogangar but because it is hard to say and no one really wants to say they are from a town that starts with Bogan it is more widely known as Cabarita.

So follow the signs to Bogangar and have fun!


Nice Pandanus Palm

Cudgen Lake. 5 mins away

Cudgen Lake. 5 mins away


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