Blue Mountains

Best weekend getaway ever:

Step 1. Sign up to Jetstar’s Jetmail and watch the Friday Fare frenzy offers like a hawk.

Step 2. As soon as the Gold Coast to Sydney $9 flights come up just grab em. It doesn’t matter what the date is you can always work around it and if you can’t you’ve only blown 9 dollars!

With flight time of 1 hour and no checked luggage it’s about the same time as driving to Brisbane and for 9 bucks its cheaper than the cost of the petrol! If you want to take some camping gear then one of you can check baggage and you can take a tent and a couple of sleeping bags.

Once you get to Sydney I would recommend hiring a car to get to the blue mountains. You can actually take the train to Katoomba and then cruise around on an explorer bus however if there is more than one of you it doesn’t work out all that much cheaper and you really want the flexibility of a car to get away from the touristy spots. And you can throw your camping gear in the car.

It takes around two hours from the airport to get up into the blue mountains and as soon as you leave the city limits and start to catch glimpses of the blue haze you feel like you are worlds away..

The first stop you should make is Wentworth Falls. You want to spend a few hours here. There are some great walks and I would recommend going to the lookout at Princes Rock. You can get close to where the falls drop off and it is worth wandering down there for a look across the canyon and the opposite cliffs. Instead of going back the way you came look instead for the track that loops back to the carpark under the overhanging cliff.  Check the trail map at the carpark there is plenty of signage on the tracks.


Wentworth Falls

From here you can make your way to the little town of Blackheath which has numerous trails and lookouts.

We decided to check out the Wind eroded cave and Anvil Rock, .

To get there, once you get to Blackheath you head down Hat Hill Road and follow the signs to Anvil Rock. The road turns into gravel towards the end but don’t be put off it is well maintained and fine for passenger cars.

Once you get to the carpark head to the left to and a short walk will take you to the wind eroded cave. The cave is very photogenic and if you have some decent shoes climb up onto the highest ledge and you will get a great view. It looks like a big overhanging wave and is worth the short walk.


Wind Eroded Cave

Return to the carpark and follow the trail to Anvil Rock. This is a very pleasant walk up the lookout and you get terrific views over the unique bush and the carved out valleys.

You can then head back into Blackheath and find Govett Leaps Road. This road takes you to the Govetts leaps lookout which gives you a great view of the bridal veil falls and is well worth a look.

The Three Sisters.

This is the most famous feature of the Blue Mountains so I guess you have to take a peek however it is overrun with tourists and very crowded and you completely lose the feel and majesty of the place when you pull up at the huge tourist bus parking lot and have to shell out 6 bucks just to park. It would be magnificent minus the crowds and the sterile commercial feel. There are so many other beautiful places to visit in the area you don’t need to spend much time here.

Weather warning:


Govetts Leap cloud factory

If you can pick a day that is fine in the morning with the prediction of a thunderstorm or two in the afternoon then go for it as this is the best way to experience the mountains. The echo of thunder through the canyons and being at eye level at the lookouts with rolling dark grey clouds and seeing lightning cracking down onto a rocky outcrop or striking a dead tree is fantastic. So don’t be put off by the rain just take a jacket!.

So sign up to Jetmail. Get the Friday Fare Frenzy email.Wait till you get the $9 Gold Coast to Sydney flight. Book your hire car in advance for a cheap rate. Take a tent and hike and camp for a couple of days and come back feeling refreshed and awesome for not a lot of cash!


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