Gold Coast Botanical Gardens

Yes the Gold Coast has a botanical garden and its awesome. It’s tucked away in Ashmore about 5 mins drive west of the hustle and bustle of Surfers Paradise.
The gardens are set around a number of terrific lakes teeming with aquatic bird life, lizards and turtles. There are plenty of BBQ’s so a great place to cook up brekky or lunch and just relax by the lake.

The area of the gardens is quite massive and there are a number of different themed areas to walk through and discover. There is a huge open area if you want to bring your dog and at dusk there is normally a fantastic sunset which reflects a whole palette of colours off the lakes which on a calm day are as smooth as glass. It’s the perfect place for a run or a bike ride as well with great tracks throughout the entire 32 hectares. It is a great escape smack in the middle of the city and well worth a visit.



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