Mt Barney

If you don’t want to be able to walk normally for a few days then Mt Barney is a great option for a weekend getaway.

It is a tough climb but doable. It takes all day and I mean all day.

However it is very rewarding and a great view from the summit.

Worth not having my quads function for 3 days

Worth not having my quads function for 3 days

The idea is to drive out to your accommodation stay the night and then hit the Mountain early the next morning. We stayed at the Mt Barney Lodge country retreat. There are options to camp, stay in a large Queenslander or a choice of 2 cabins .

We stayed in one of the cabins called Henry’s Hut” and it was fantastic. There was four of us in our group and the cabin was plenty big and had  a terrific fireplace which was essential as the temperature drops pretty quickly at night! A little bonus is the creek that is a short walk from the cabins and occasionally you can spot a shy platypus or two!

Now the trail up the mountain itself is barely marked so you need to write down some directions – you won’t remember them so write them down! We got our directions from Innes who works at the lodge. He also sold us a very overpriced map which is practically useless – but i guess is a way of subsidising his good advice and tips for getting up and down the mountain.

Now Mt Barney can be pretty difficult and pretty much every year there is some kind of incident or injury be it broken legs, rescued hikers or abseiling accidents.

It get a little steep and slick!

It get a little steep and slick!

It is fine if you are careful though but I would definitely recommend proper hiking boots for this mountain. the grip and ankle support is quite necessary.

There are a number of trails to get to the summit. the one recommended for first timers is the South ridge. As with all things in life there is a tradeoff – this is the simplest and best marked but also the longest – it adds hours of time compared to the alternative less visible tracks however we weighed up the hassle of getting airlifted out of some crevice vs the few extra hours walk and went for the easy route!

When you begin the final summit there are numerous ways to get up but thankfully someone has tied fluoro pink ribbons to trail markers to help you along.

You can get to Mt Barney from the Gold Coast or Brisbane in under two hours so it’s perfect for an overnight getaway. The scenery is quite wonderful and waking up to a sunrise over the mountain and then catching the sunset with weary limbs breathing a sigh of relief is a great experience and well worth the effort.


One of the locals!

Have fun!


Nice river crossing


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