Twin Falls Circuit (The best!)

The Twin Falls circuit is magic. it is my favorite walk in the Gold Coast Hinterland for a raft of reasons:

  • There are multiple waterfalls and cascades to enjoy along the way.

    Twin Falls!

    Twin Falls!

  • A number of caves, overhangs and crevices to squeeze through.
  • A great swimming hole.
  • Opportunities to walk behind the curtain of the waterfalls and look out to the coastline.
  • On a clear day you can see the ocean and the Surfers Paradise skyline.
  • Lush rain forest that morphs into more of a bush setting towards the end of the trail.
  • A steady grade that is not strenuous at all
Great place for a bungee!

Great place for a bungee!

The Twin Falls circuit is in the Springbrook section of the Lamington National Park. It is a sweet 45 minute drive from surfers paradise or about an hour 20 from Brisbane.

To get to the start of the twin falls circuit, first drive to the Tallanbanna picnic area its off Springbrook Rd and it is well signed.

There have been some track closures in the area so always check the national park site here.

There are BBQ’s in the picnic area but you need to supply your own wood so unless you have a lumberjack business its probably easier to pack a picnic!

Once at the picnic area just follow the cement path into the forest! You will soon see signs for the twin falls circuit. I would start counter-clockwise. I also recommend checking out Rainbow falls and then backtracking only 100m or so back to the twin falls circuit as rainbow has a stunning outlook behind the veil of a waterfall that throws off mini rainbows. Giant boulders have broken off from higher up the ridge and crashed into the small valley below rainbow falls and its well worth a look.

Rainbow Falls!

Rainbow Falls!

Beautiful sheer cliffs to skirt

Beautiful sheer cliffs to skirt

Once you are back on the twin falls circuit there are a are a couple of options – you can go either via the cascades – a small waterfall and pool or via a larger cave. Either path is good.

Overall this is a terrific walk and a great half day out.



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