Crows Nest National Park

Getting to Crows nest is a bit of a mission. Its 3 hours from the Gold Coast and around two hours from Brisbane.

But it’s worth it if only for the crystal clear inky black sky that shows up a billion stars at night. There is minimal light and air pollution and the night sky is amazing. You can camp right at the entrance of the park for $5.45 each – what a bargain.

The park itself is beautiful yet quite small. Really half a day is all you need to cover  all of the walking tracks and that include a lot of breaks and reading and relaxing by the waterholes! Down by the cascades if you do a bit of rockhopping you will find a sandy beach by a great swimming hole. you can put a towel down and soak up the sun with the sound of a gentle waterfall nearby soothing you into a relaxed bliss.

Great place to chill

Great place to chill

One of the highlights of the park is the unique native wildlife. I saw two beautiful snakes – not scary ones. One basking on a rock near one of the water holes the other wrapping itself casually around a small tree on the side of the track. I could see the were tree snakes and not harmless and they had beautiful blue diamond colouring. Each time we stared at each other for a minute and then after deciding neither party was a threat continued on our respective ways.

Catching some rays

Catching some rays

But the best treat was coming face to face with a rock wallaby that had perched itself on a boulder just off the beaten track. Rock wallabies are peculiar creatures in that they are similar to kangaroos but much smaller and stockier. And they have an uncanny ability to climb and scramble up and down rocks and granite boulders.

when I see this little guy I stopped and carefully retrieved my camera. I was then rewarded with the wonderful sight of a tiny joey peeking out from the pouch to see what was going on.The joey was so small it would have fit in the palm of my hand. After time paused for a moment the joey poked its back inside the pouch and the mum cruised away. It is always a delight to see animals in their natural habitat just living their lives!

Mini me

Mini me

While the wildlife is terrific, the natural beauty of the park cant be ignored, The forest itself is mostly typical aussie bush and follows the beautiful crows nest creek. You can actually head down to the creek and walk downstream if you can manage a bit of rock hopping.

Th view from Koonins

The view from Koonins

There are large granite boulders lining the edge of the creek and they have an interesting pinkish hue.I just like using that word hue. You then find yourself at the crows nest falls lookout.The lookout does not provide the best viewing as some trees have very rudely grown up around the lookout itself obscuring the falls. The real treat however is up further at the valley of the diamonds at Koonin Lookout.

Round trip total is only about 2 hours maximum so a perfect half day that you can stretch into a full day if you include some swimming and lazing by the pools.



3 thoughts on “Crows Nest National Park

  1. If you are there again, do the longer Valley of the Diamonds hike, that walks along the river and climbs up from the bottom of the gully to Koonin Lookout. One of my favourites in SEQ.


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