Mt Greville QLD

Mt Greville is in a magnificent rustic setting overlooking Lake Moogerah in the aptly named Scenic Rim of South West Queensland. A drive out to this region of Queensland is literally a breath of fresh air. The people are friendly, time ticks just a tad slower and you really feel a world away from Brisbane or the Gold Coast even though they are only a couple of hours away! Simply head to Boonah which is directly west of the Gold Coast and south west of Brisbane and you find yourself at the gateway to a raft of walking, trekking and climbing options.

Today's Challenge

Today’s Challenge

Mt Greville is one of many mountains to climb in the area but I like this one because of the alternate trails up and back. I think backtracking to come down a mountain is redundant.On this mountain you have a choice of three trails so you can mix it up.

Getting to the trail head is easy – there is a gravel road called Mt Greville Rd and there is a carpark and signage. As I mentioned there are three choices of trails to ascend. We chose the aptly named palm gorge. In case you are wondering what it is like, it is a gorge full of palms! 

Palm Gorge!

Palm Gorge!

It is a steep rocky climb that gets the heart rate going nicely. Once you exit the gorge you reach a clearing and there is a little trail off to the left which offers some nice views. This is about 2/3rds of the way up. After you take a break and relax you can head towards the summit which again is fairly steep and will give you a bit of thigh burn which will help you get your sexy back! Once you reach the summit which is evidenced by a large pile of rocks (or cairn in trekking parlance) you can’t actually see anything as the view is obscured by trees. Don’t panic though because off to the left is a small trail that takes you down to a little rocky outcrop and there you get a wonderful view across to the the main range to the west and to the north. This is the perfect place to relax and soak in the serenity. Once you have soaked there is another trail to the left of the cairn that offers another view this time of the eastern side. Mt Barney is in the distance and the view is terrific.

Now you have three choices to descend, either back the way you came, waterfall gorge, or the south east ridge. We chose the south east ridge and it is a fairly steep interesting descent that give great views over the yes you guessed it south east. Because the ridge is very open the views are lovely and cruising it took us roughly an hour to get down. All in all a perfect half day climb!

Asusual always check the national parks site for track closures and warnings here.

Enjoy 🙂

View of Mt Edwards and the Lake

View of Mt Edwards and Lake Moogerah


2 thoughts on “Mt Greville QLD

  1. This looks like a real good one! I think I will rally up a friend or 2 and do this within the month. Nice little road trip for a quality destination. Cheers for the advice!


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