Kings Canyon



Kings canyon is the jewel in the crown of the Uluru area if you ask me.

Eons old gorges, waterholes, and wind polished cliffs make a visit to Kings an awesome day out.

It is a three hour drive from Uluru and along the way you get a bonus view of beautiful Mt Connor so keep an eye out for it in the distance.

Tip no. 1. Make sure you have enough petrol for your journey. Petrol Stations are few and far between in the outback so always err on the side of caution. We stopped at Curtin Springs and filled right up just in case. Its not cheap at over $2 a litre but at least it makes you appreciate $1.50 litre prices when you get back home!

We stayed at the kings canyon resort which sounds fancy but it is pretty basic and we just camped anyway. What is fancy is the location. You can wander up to the viewing point at the resort with a thermos of tea or coffee and sit back and take in the buena vista of the George Gill range and the canyon. Camping costs about $40 night and there are some indoor kitchens and outdoor BBQ facilities. There had been a bush fire not long before we arrived and the landscape around the resort was a combination of sooty black trees with bright green shoots combined with a 70’s shade of orange soil. Quite an interesting combination yet beautiful in its own way.

The main reason for us doing this 600km round trip from Uluru was to tackle the Rim Walk at the canyon:


My Girlfriend did not like this pose!

The Rim walk is an absolute must. It takes around 3 hours and is pretty cruisy: There is an initial steep ascent and then you literally walk the rim of the canyon – who woulda thunk. You can then descend down to the Garden of Eden waterhole and I highly recommend this. It is a beautiful still place and you feel like you have been transported back in time a couple of hundred million years!

Tip 2. DO ALL the extra little lookouts and diversions that are marked and signposted they are all worth it! Don’t skimp.And you don’t need a guide the track is well marked and pretty straightforward!


Wind swept magnificence

There is another shorter walk you can do starting at the same place as the Rim walk known as the Kings Creek walk. It is lovely and can be done in 45 mins return. Allow yourself some time to sneak down to the waterhole and enjoy the stillness and seclusion of this magic place.

The Kathleen springs walk was closed at the time due to bush fires however it is one I will try next time!


A few scars on this canyon wall

Kings canyon is a must to include on any Ayers Rock itinerary and well worth the drive and tear jerking petrol prices!



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