Camping in the Bunya Mountains

The Bunya Mountains. A rainforest oasis in a dry and thirsty land.
Driving out towards Dalby there is not much to look at; dry and dusty cattle farms, some small towns, and then out of nowhere the beautiful bunyas rise up. Lush and green, misty and magical. Huge Bunya pines stand watch over undulating mountains, stretches of rainforest give way to more stands of the majestic pine and then the flora morphs again into drier eucalyptus and grass tree forests. A very special place indeed. I camped at Burtons Well which is the pick of campgrounds in the area if you ask me. The camp site is dotted with ancient grass trees and there are plenty of wood bbq’s and a good supply of wood close by. If you’re lucky you will wake up to a mist that shrouds the whole mountain top and gives the birdsong a great sound as it pierces the fog.
It costs $5.45 to camp there and there are good toilet facilities. It takes about four hours from the Gold Coast and about 2 hours 45 from Brisbane.
You can stop at Toowoomba which is a bit over halfway to break up the trip and grab supplies because there is not a lot of options in the Bunyas itself. The other thing to be aware of is the cold! Whatever the temperature is at the base of the mountain you can subtract 5-7 degrees when you get up top so dress warm!




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