The Giant Forest. Sequoia National Park, California

DSCN4026Tree huggers unite! The giant forest is an amazing spectacle and a must do for any nature lover.

The trees are gargantuan and there is an air of magic in this forest. The towering sentinels of this ancient forest inspire awe and wonder whether you are 6 or 66. The largest trees are actually thousands of years old with estimates ranging from 2400-2700 years! These things are survivors!


The Sequoia National Park is a a shade under three hours drive from Los Angeles so it is very accessible. Camping costs $20 a night and this includes your own bear proof solid steel storage locker! You can buy camping gear at any number of outdoor stores. I got some good gear from Sports Chalet.

We stayed at the lodge pole camp site named after the lodge pole pine that dominates the area. On our first morning we spotted a bear and her two cubs at the edge of the campsite just across the stream. The next night we were treated to a small herd of deer leaping through the camp!

There is a huge visitor centre 100m from the campsite and there you can get all the info you want.

I recommend spending a whole day doing all the short walks around the general Sherman tree. A major highlight is ‘The President’ which is on the Congress trail. This really is an amazing tree and I think more impressive than the more famous Sherman tree!

El Presidente!

El Presidente!

If you like hiking you will find there is a magnificent trail that is a pretty strenuous day hike that leaves right from the campsite. I will cover this trail in my next blog.

Enjoy 🙂


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