Camping at Springbrook!


View from the tent!


Springbrook is a beautiful part of the world. It’s a lush rainforest setting with pockets of Aussie bush teeming with black and white cockatoos, lorrekeets and lots of other species I can’t name given my very limited orthinological skills!
There are plenty of lookouts and waterfalls in the area and a great cafe at the springbrook general store. Most people day trip to springbrook but to turn it into a low cost weekend getaway I suggest camping at the settlement camp ground right in the heart of springbrook. The price is right at $5.60 per person and there are good toilet facilities, fresh water and free bbq’s. I think the national parks department has done a good job with this campsite with some of the spots offering great views of the surrounding forest. The em entities are also kept in very good order.
Why not head up on a Friday night and go to sleep with the sounds of the forest, wake up to bird song and spend the Saturday exploring the area?

I went to aldi at nerang which is on the way and stocked up on supplies and had a relaxing couple of days.
The campground is on Carricks rd near purlingbrook falls.




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