Into the Wild – Alaska part deux

My home for a few glorious days!

My home for a few glorious days!

Have you ever been anywhere so still, so pristine, so breathtaking, and um so cold?

Lost Lake nigh on Winter is such a place.

Don’t let the clear skies fool you it was witch-titty cold.

But the beautiful thing about almost-Winter Alaska – I did not see a soul on the trail or at camp the whole time!

Lost Lake Trail:

This is a beautiful two-day hike that starts near the town of Seward, Alaska. You need a shuttle at the end of the trail. One of the beautiful people at Bear Lake Lodge where i thawed out after was kind enough to pick me up at the end and even made me a bowl of hot soup!

The hike itself is not strenuous – it’s more of a steady grind uphill through the forest. There is a waterfall to the right of the trail if you are coming from Primrose so keep an eye and ear out for it!

Sorry about the huge shadow I am a terrible photographer

Sorry about the huge shadow I am a terrible photographer

I started at the Primrose trail-head which is at mile 17 on the Seward highway – i love the directions here it’s all so easy!

The trail is easy to follow (except when I did it there had been recent snowfalls which made it a little tricky in parts!) and you can’t miss the lake – or lakes I should say: a breathtaking collection of tarns and giant mother lakes against a backdrop of gorgeous jagged peaks!



I spent a glorious night here in absolute stillness and silence and had the best sleep ever! As Wayne Dyer says “Wilderness is therapy.”

The next day you get to traverse the ridge line dotted with tarns and a fantastic view of snow-capped ranges on each side:




Lakes everywhere:


The descent is pretty cruisy along the ridge and you get a view of the coastline at Seward on a clear day before dropping down into a very pretty forest before popping out near mile post 5 near the lost lake subdivision.

My recommendation – go to Alaska and do this hike. Now. Go. What are you waiting for?



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