Trash Talk!

Ideas for a Mind detox please?

I went camping here last week for 4 days and with just a few of us we filled two pretty big bags of trash. Now luckily there was a massive rubbish bin hidden on the side of the road near the campground so it was a straightforward process to dump the rubbish and so keep this little piece of nature, natural.


It got me thinkin’ and all philomosophical about how much waste we generate in modern society – nothing earth shattering here I think we are all aware of this fact. Everything comes in a package of some kind and it just piles up and then we use whatever process we have at hand to dispose of it in a systematic way.

Then I got to thinkin’ about mental trash – what we put into our heads on a daily basis comes with a lot of trash attached to it – lots of it: Celebrity gossip, horrifying news stories, hate filled politics, people breaking up on facebook etc!. Our minds are getting buried in trash. And we don’t have a system for disposal! Maybe that’s why camping, hiking, traveling, wildernessing and switching off is like taking out the trash for your head. Our minds are clogged which is why we are all walking around in a mind fog:

I saw this pic in a cool chick called Lucy’s blog and wow did it fuzzily resonate in my hazy consciousness.


So next time you take that disgusting trash bag out from under the kitchen sink and toss it in the bin spare a thought for your mind and take some time to flush it out as well. Maybe meditation, reading a great book or just a walk in the park.

Anyone got any other ideas for a mind cleanse please share with me!


3 thoughts on “Trash Talk!

  1. It’s astonishing/ridiculous how much trash people create. One bag a week adds up to a lot in a lifetime and I can’t yet imagine what we’ll do with all that trash. Mental trash is a lot easier to take care! I definitely agree that hiking, traveling, and reading a good book works. An interesting conversation or taking some time to appreciate all the people/adventures in our lives might do the trick too!


    • Hey there! I really like your idea of appreciation as a mental cleanse! It makes you focus on all the good things in life and i think this helps to squeeze out the negative thoughts that occupy too much space in our minds. Nice one!


  2. Love the zombie poster.
    Yes, particularly the news about ISIS and some anti-Islam posts on FB are not healthy. Fortunately I have photography and music to keep me in balance.
    Your Alaskan adventure sounds incredible.

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