Into the Wild – Alaska Part III


The Harding Ice Field perched atop of Exit Glacier in Alaska is an awesome day hike that will leave you breathless. Partly because it is so freaking steep and partly because it is so freaking beautiful.

Exit glacier is really close to the town of Seward on the Kenai Peninsula of Alaska.

The turnoff is at mile 3.7 on the Seward Hwy to be exact.


You have a few choices of hikes here depending on your level of fitness and motivation! You can do a super short walk up to face of the glacier; A hike up to the ridge overlooking the glacier or the grand prize level the big one up to the ice field itself. If you do the ice field you will need a good 6-8 hours which includes time to enjoy it!


Getting closer to the ice field I spotted some cool Alaskan mountain sheep but every time I moved closer for a better shot they strayed out of range again, so sorry for the poor quality shots on my $190 Nikon from Costco!


A cool bald Eagle at the turnoff to Exit Glacier


These guys know how to handle the cold

Not sure if I am stating the obvious but it gets really cold on this hike. The wind howls across the ice field and blows super chilled air onto the ridge that cuts through your down jacket like a knife so dress warm!



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