Fashion vs Function. Alaska last day!

Fluro is back

Fluro is back

So I found a great tree stump to perch my Nikon and get this final Alaskan selfie.

I know fluro hasn’t been fashionable since the 90’s however being a fashion victim beats being a gunshot victim at the hands of some drunk deer hunter in the wilderness!

I normally don’t do selfies however I was so damn proud of this fire that I wanted to capture my perpetual grin beside it.

I nurtured and nurtured this tiny ember

I nurtured and nurtured this tiny ember

Because look around: How much dry wood or kindling do you see? And I was wet, freezing and tired. My boots were soaked and starting to freeze solid.

I was alone and needed a fire badly so I could get my core temp back up. So I scrounged around under deadfalls where a few twigs had been sheltered and managed to get this little baby going. Two hours later I had a mini inferno that warmed my body and my soul and made my last night in Alaska perfect!

Ah Sunshine!

Ah Sunshine!

The way to Crows Pass

The way to Crows Pass

This is where I saw a lone wolf padding up beside the river and I was so awestruck I stared and then fumbled for my camera but I was too late to snap it.

This is a section of Alaska along the Crows Pass hike. A stunning part of the world.

Alaska was an awesome journey and with Winter closing in it was time to bug out.

But I will be back!


Thanks for reading 🙂



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