“I haven’t been everywhere but it’s on my list.”
I’m a jaded stockbroker from Australia that after years of staring at a trading screen now knows the value of investing in experiences vs investing in stuff.


Cordillera Blanco, Peru

The Andes, Peru!


I have worked out why travel is so damn good for ya. Every time you visit a new place, your mind has to wake up and truly experience the present moment. Yes that holy grail of the enlightened. In a new place your mind simply can’t run the same subconscious programs that dominate a routine existence and keep you living in a mind-fog. It has to pay attention and that’s why traveling makes you feel so alive!

My Wife in Egypt

My Wife riding a cliche

This blog is designed to: 1. Inspire you to go to far flung places and 2. Assist you when you get there with a few tips!

I always appreciate those who have gone before me that left little tidbits of information that saved time, money, sanity, limbs, or luggage. So Don’t Trip is here to pay it forward! Every time I do something cool I will blog it and fill it with a couple of tips and tricks.

Thanks for reading 🙂



Zions, Utah. Go there now it’s amazing



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    • Hey Yoga Cat. Thanks for your kind words. I am going to draw on you for inspiration to make sure I do more yoga. I love it and every time I do it I feel great but somehow developing a regular habit is a struggle. Help? 🙂


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